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Type of Funds:

Through our mission to connect people who care to causes that matter, Starved Rock Country Community Foundation simplifies the giving process and helps donors choose the best gifting strategy to meet their unique charitable goals. Since 2015, the foundation has established and managed more than 100 funds ranging from scholarships for the arts to community funds that help support the environment, education, healthcare, childcare, tourism, economic development, conservation, beautification and more.

Donor Advised 

A donor advised fund is a charitable investment account established for the sole purpose of supporting the organizations you care about.​ Donor advised funds are the most flexible and can be started by any individual or corporate entity.


A designated fund is personalized fund created for the sole benefit of supporting a specific charity that you care about. Unless instructed otherwise, the charity of choice will receive an annual distribution and may use the funds as specified by the donor.

Agency Fund

An agency fund is a fund established by nonprofits who want to build an endowment to provide an annual income stream and long-term financial stability for an organization.


A scholarship is a fund or charitable grant established for helping students offset the cost of higher education- either for a particular school, field of study or population.

Field of Interest

A field of interest fund is a fund established by an individual or group of donors to support a particular area, such as arts, science, technology, education, etc. Then, SRCCF uses the funds to address an urgent need or fulfill a nonprofit grant request​.

Giving Circles

A giving circle is a group of like-minded individuals with shared values who pool their time and financial resources together to make change for the community or others in the community.

"Whenever someone walks in, they have a dream. They have a cause. They have something they would like to see."

Pamela Beckett, Founder

.Start a Fund.

Establishing a fund with Starved Rock Community Foundation is an easy and effective way to invest in the health and vibrancy of the communities we serve. In a few simple steps, you can begin to put your charitable dollars to work in the particular areas most important to you. By working with SRCCF, not only will you be able to give with confidence, but also you will be able see the impact that your generosity has on Starved Rock Country now and in the future.

Committed to you and your future.

Community foundations exist to meet the philanthropic needs of the community and the philanthropic desires of local donors. When we connect those two, wonderful things happen to enhance the quality of life for all of us.​

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