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Starved Rock Country Community Foundation

Seneca COVID-19 Grant Application

Seneca COVID-19 Fund

Funds are designated to residents of Seneca, IL. Please contact the SRCCF office at 815-252-2906 for more information.

Before applying, we ask that applicants self-evaluate whether they are experiencing dire financial emergencies during this time and make space for those most urgently in need.

We are aware that everyone's needs differ, so ask that you thoroughly and accurately describe your situation. We are accepting applications for assistance with rent, food and utilities.

If selected to receive a grant, we will need you to provide the appropriate payee and account information so that funds may be dispersed directly to the appropriate billing offices. You also may need to provide account statements, lease agreements, etc, so that the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation may disperse funds, per IRS stipulations.


Please select all statements that apply to you.
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