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The Carroll family donate $10,000 to Reimagine Mendota

PHOTO: The Carroll family recently donated $10,000 to Reimagine Mendota through the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation. Pictured (from left) are: Reimagine Mendota’s Bill Hein, Lee Stocking, Amy Brewer, Treasurer Janis Shirey and Annie Short; Evan and Matt Carroll; and SRCCF board member Bill Hunt and CEO Fran Brolley. (Photo by Clay Coss of Black Bros. Co.)

The Carroll family of Mendota recently donated $10,000 to Reimagine Mendota, the initiative to revitalize and rebuild the Mendota community.

The Carroll’s are sixth generation owners of Black Bros. Co. in Mendota, a designer and manufacturer of premier roll coating and laminating equipment since 1882.

The gift was made by Black Bros. CEO Matt Carroll, and his son, project engineer Evan Carroll. “Black Bros is proud to partner with SRCCF and Reimagine Mendota to invest in our community. Mendota is a great place to live and work and we want to keep bettering our community for generations to come,” said Evan.

“All the people involved with Reimagine Mendota are doing an excellent job and we look forward to seeing their hard work make positive changes,” he added.

Amy Brewer, co-director of Reimagine Mendota’s “Community Heart and Soul Project,” said, “The donation provides a foundation for future funding needed for city development projects identified through a community-wide assessment.”

Starved Rock Country Community Foundation serves as fiscal sponsor for Reimagine Mendota so that all financial, land, and estate donations can easily be made and accepted to help support revitalization projects in Mendota. For information about SRCCF, contact CEO Fran Brolley at (815) 252-2906 or Brolley lauded the Carroll’s and Reimagine Mendota.

“Matt and Evan are carrying on their family’s legacy of extraordinary community support. This is an investment in an organization committed to ensuring Mendota remains a thriving city.”

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