Grand Ridge’s New Little Free Library

We are thrilled to be able to work with the city of Grand Ridge and new little free library official steward, Pat Meagher, to bring a new little free library to the town! This has been a little dream of ours for quite some time now, and seeing it finally come to fruition is inspiring. The mantra of the little free library is “take a book, leave a book”, which promotes fair sharing, trust and reading, of course. Pat Meagher has been appointed as the official steward to the little free library, which means she will be in charge of making sure the library is kept up nicely and taken care of properly, as well as thwarting vandalism and keeping the library well stocked. This little free library was built with the help of inmates in the Sheridan Correctional Facility who build the little free libraries and then donate them to communities. Even though it is small, this is the only library Grand Ridge currently has in their community, so it is a welcomed addition. To donate to the little free library, simply take whatever books you wish to donate to the library and place them inside. For larger donations, one may take their books to the Grand Ridge Village Hall. Currently, this little free library is looking for more children’s books, as they have plenty of adult books stocked at the moment. Little Free Libraries are dotted all across the nation and provide some serious entertainment for the young and old. We hope to be able to bring more of these unique and fun little libraries to our area!


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