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Margaret Messer Memorial Fund

Margaret Messer Memorial Fund

Born on November 15, 1923 in Newport, Kentucky, Margaret “Margie” Messer attended parochial schools, graduating from the Academy of Notre Dame in Covington in 1940. While employed by the New York Central Railroad in Cincinnati, Marge met her future husband, Vernon Messer. Married in 1946, Vernon and Marge spent the next 59 years dedicated to each other, their children and their strong Catholic faith. Vernon passed away in February 2005. 

A loving mother and homemaker while raising her children, Marge returned to work as the “Welcome Wagon Lady” in the late 1960’s and was well known throughout the Centerville community. She later became the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce in 1972. 

An avid bridge player, traveler, seamstress, and crafter, Marge loved nothing more than her children and her faith. To honor and in memory of Margie, her daughter, Pamela created the Margaret Messer Memorial Donor Advised Fund. Through the Fund, the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation will provide grant funding to organizations that support Margie’s most cherished values – people of faith, mothers and children. We are honored to recognize the grateful heart that served Margie so well throughout her lifetime.

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