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Princeton Main Street Revitalization Community Fund

Invest in Princeton’s future while protecting its past!

Over the past quarter-century, Princeton has endured many economic and demographic changes – but is now experiencing the beginnings of a renaissance, with many new residents, businesses and community events. Currently, a community-based planning process, funded by the Richard Driehaus Foundation, is developing a renewed vision for Main Street, and a multiyear plan to improve the streetscape, public squares and historic buildings.

Landmarks Illinois is coordinating the nomination of Princeton’s historic North and South Main business districts to the National Register of Historic Places, and local volunteers are researching the history and evolution of Princeton’s Main Street and its many historically-significant buildings. Other volunteers are contributing to landscape improvements, street concerts and other special events.

To bolster recent successes along North Main, and to lay the foundation for further improvements along South Main, the Main Street Revitalization Steering Committee has identified Darius Miller Park and the Amtrak Depot as an early priority – followed by lighting improvements along South Main. To meet the community match required for prospective grants, our goal is to raise $250,000 by May, 2018.

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