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This is a Citizen’s Call to Action–

Donate now to light up the latest mural in Ottawa. Beautifully created by internationally-known muralist John Pugh ( on the historic Central Life Building, the next step is to light the mural for all to enjoy day or night.

The community’s public art mural program, aptly called Ottawa’s a brush with history, was started in 2000 in an effort to revive Ottawa’s once famously bustling downtown that was devastated by the long recession of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, leaving over half of the big, beautiful buildings vacant and a dwindling population count. Starting a brush with history led to other fabulous downtown improvements like upgrading of existing buildings, improved lighting, beautiful landscaping , additional sculptures and an active, engaged, volunteer citizenry. Today Ottawa’s downtown is back to bustling and the population is on the rise.
Act Now to keep Ottawa moving and improving. We need your help.

Please DONATE to help light up this priceless initiative!