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Festival of the Arts (FOTA)

The Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund is proud to announce the Starved Rock Country Festival of the Arts – FOTA. FOTA is a spectacular juried visual arts and film competition in Starved Rock Country, and an exciting weekend filled with art and music for all ages!

Artists and Filmmakers compete for cash prizes awarded by professional judges in each category. Visual works of art will be displayed in public & private businesses throughout the Ottawa downtown and surrounding area; live music throughout the event; kid-friendly activities; great shops and restaurants – an event you don't want to miss!

Juried Art Show categories include:
- Ceramics
- Photography
- Drawing
- 3D/ Sculpture, Mosaic, etc.
- Fiber
- 2D/ Digital Art, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Mosaic, etc.
- Glass & Metalwork
- Watercolor
- Painting
- Wood
- Narrative Film Fest

For more information about the Festival of the Arts, please contact (815)252-2906.