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B+B Smartworx Powered By Advantech Scholarship for Engineering, Science and Technology


The Starved Rock Country Community Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech in bringing you The Internet of Things (IoT) Scholarship for Engineering, Science and Technology. A $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to one male and one female pursuing a degree from an accredited, degree granting college or university pursuing a degree in engineering, science and/or technology with a focus on IoT. More information on the criteria that must be met to receive one of these scholarships and how to apply can be found here.

For more than 30 years B+B SmartWorx has been a company that designs, engineers and manufactures network connectivity equipment for rugged and remote conditions. With the capability of integrating existing equipment and network technologies, B+B SmartWorx products enable networks to adapt and evolve into more autonomous, smarter, responsive and decisive systems.

The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has completely transformed data networking-B+B SmartWorx, formerly B&B Electronics, responded with its own company transformation. A critical part of that transformation was the development of advanced IoT technologies. B+B SmartWorx enables solutions that add new layers of sophistication to existing M2M data networks and provide dramatic new capabilities to improve a network’s efficiency and productivity. These “intelligence at the network edge” platforms led the company to a new position in the IoT industry and drove the decision in 2015 to change its name to B+B SmartWorx.

In 2016, B+B SmartWorx became part of the global Advantech family, and is now operating as B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech. As part of the company’s Global Industrial IoT Business group, B+B SmartWorx is helping to lead Advantech’s Intelligent Networking Business Sector in developing smart networking products, such as the Wzzard Sensing Platform.

The Wzzard Sensing Platform creates a complete connectivity stack between sensors at the network edge and applications at the network core or in the cloud. Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes connect to virtually any industry-standard sensor and provide those sensors with wireless Internet connectivity. The Wzzard Nodes form reliable, self-sustaining Mesh Networks that carry data to the Wzzard Network Gateway, which connects to the Internet via wired Ethernet or the cellular networks. Additional product lines include industrial Ethernet switch families, cellular routers, remote digital input/output modules, embedded automation computers and much more.

Together, B+B SmartWorx and Advantech are adding even more sophisticated IoT solutions for customers around the world.