Caring Eagles Giving Circle

The Caring Eagles Giving Circle through the SRCCF to serve as a common fund for donors to make financial contributions to benefit programs, projects and other initiatives decided upon by the participants of the Caring Eagles Giving Circle.

Lamb Family Fund for Ability & Adaption

The Lamb Family Fund for Ability and Adaption, was started with a generous gift from George and Cindy Lamb in anticipation of making charitable gifts to organizations and agencies that serve individuals living with physical disabilities.

Robert M. Eschbach Legacy Fund

In recognition of the vision, dedication and accomplishments of Robert M. Eschbach, the former Mayor of Ottawa, this endowment fund was established to continue the aesthetic, cultural and economic development of Ottawa.

Ethel McConnell Donor Advised Fund

Ethel McConnell, long-time Seneca resident and a teacher in the Seneca school district, created a Donor Advised Fund in honor of her late husband Ed McConnell to continue their generous charitable giving in their community for many years.

Margaret Messer Memorial Fund

The Margaret Messer Memorial Donor Advised Fund was established to provide grant funding to organizations that support Margie Messer's most cherished values – people of faith, mothers and children.

Susan Thornton Donor Advised Fund

Susan Thornton, a well respected and well-known philanthropist throughout Central Illinois and beyond, established her fund in partnership with the SRCCF to make grants to local charities and arts-centric organizations in the region.

John Ross Donor Advised Fund

Thanks to the generosity of John Ross, a member of the Ransom agricultural community, several local charities receive significant grants from John's fund each year.

Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund

Financial donations may also be mailed or made in person at our office 241 Marquette St, LaSalle, IL 61301. If you prefer to make a financial contribution by mail, please make your check payable to SRCCF. For more information about the Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund, please contact (815)252-2906.