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Amboy Depot Museum Endowment Fund

The Amboy Depot Museum Endowment Fund was established to provide financial stability and preserve the Amboy Depot Museum located in Amboy, Illinois.

Boyd & Phyllis Palmer Designated Fund

Five specific charities will receive a generous annual grant from this Fund established by Boyd and Phyllis Palmer.

Captain Thomas John Heitmann Memorial Donor Advised Fund

Captain Thomas John Heitmann had many ideas and dreams to give back to so many. To keep Thomas’ memory alive, Tom and Mary Heitmann created the Captain Thomas John Heitmann Memorial Donor Advised Fund with the Foundation. Grants will be made from the Fund to make some of those dreams come true.

Caring Eagles Giving Circle

The Caring Eagles Giving Circle through the SRCCF to serve as a common fund for donors to make financial contributions to benefit programs, projects and other initiatives decided upon by the participants of the Caring Eagles Giving Circle.

Danny Nelson Memorial Fund

In honor of Danny and his giving spirit, his friends organized the Danny Nelson Memorial Golf Outing in 2017. All proceeds from this annual event are placed in the Danny Nelson Memorial Fund and contributed to charitable organizations to be used in the community that Danny was so fond of.

Festival of the Arts (FOTA)

FOTA is a spectacular juried visual arts and film competition in Starved Rock Country, and an exciting weekend filled with art and music for all ages.

Flags of Freedom

In Princeton, the “Flags of Freedom” stand in tribute to the men and women who serve or have served our country. They are a reminder of the sacrifices made to keep our Nation free. The Community Foundation serves as the Fiscal Sponsor for Flags of Freedom, and is accepting donations to assist with the purchase of new flags and to support project activities.

For the Love of Starved Rock

Starved Rock Lodge, Starved Rock Foundation, Starved Rock Walkers Club and Starved Rock Clean Up Crew, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, have formed a collaboration and fundraising campaign “For the Love of Starved Rock” to help generate interest and monetary donations to improve park trails and preserve the natural resources for future generations.

Green*Stock*Teen Fund

The “Green*Stock*Teen” Fund was established to provide a gift to teens ages 13-19 who may not otherwise receive a holiday gift from the local Red Stocking Fund in Ottawa who have been providing gifts for children age 12 and under for many years.


Heritage Harbor Ottawa created a new, pet and owner-friendly, dog park on the grounds of Heritage Harbor Ottawa.

Illini State Park Foundation Fund

The Illini State Park Foundation Fund was created to accept donations to provide financial support for the Illini State Park and the Illinois Fallen Soldier Tree Memorial, both located in Marseilles, Illinois.

John Ross Donor Advised Fund

Thanks to the generosity of John Ross, a member of the Ransom agricultural community, several local charities receive significant grants from John's fund each year.

Karl's Krusaders Fund

The Karl’s Krusaders Fund will be used to improve athletic programs and equipment at local schools, and in time, fulfill the dream to create an indoor sports complex in the Mendota, Illinois community.

Lamb Family Fund for Ability & Adaption

The Lamb Family Fund for Ability and Adaption, was started with a generous gift from George and Cindy Lamb in anticipation of making charitable gifts to organizations and agencies that serve individuals living with physical disabilities.

Lamb Family Fund for Crotty Park Playground

Thanks to the incredible generosity of many donors, the Playground was constructed much sooner than anticipated and children were enjoying the new equipment as soon as the ribbon was cut! Using the Lamb Family Funds, the family hopes to provide a variety of equipment at the playground that allows children of any ability to play alongside one another.

Leadership Fund for Now

The Leadership Fund for Now was established to provide the foundation with the ability to distribute funds at area agencies and charitable initiatives immediately and help us build the core administrative fund. This is where we need your donation the most!

Little Free Libraries

SRCCF has joined the Little Free Library movement, and you can too! Through our partnership with local residents, Jerry McConville and Darrell Fleming, and the residents of the Sheridan Correctional Center, we now have a number of little free libraries to place throughout Starved Rock Country.

Margaret Messer Memorial Fund

The Margaret Messer Memorial Donor Advised Fund was established to provide grant funding to organizations that support Margie Messer's most cherished values – people of faith, mothers and children.

Oakland Cemetery Preservation Fund

The Oakland Cemetery Preservation Fund was established to financially support the continual upkeep of the grounds in Princeton, Illinois. Your gift to support the work of a very small, but dedicated team of concerned residents who maintain the Cemetery is greatly appreciated.

Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Leadership Fund

The Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation to convert the OACC Foundation to a Donor Advised Fund. The Donor Advised Fund is a flexible, efficient way to facilitate charitable contributions from the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce for economic development.

Ottawa Community Events Fund

The Ottawa Community Events Fund was established to provide financial support of special events in the Ottawa, Illinois, as well as fiscal management of the monies held by the SRCCF on behalf of the fund.

Ottawa Family Pride Fund

The Family Pride Fest Fund is created to allow donors and sponsors a place to contribute to a growing Pride celebration.

Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund

Financial donations may also be mailed or made in person at our office 241 Marquette St, LaSalle, IL 61301. If you prefer to make a financial contribution by mail, please make your check payable to SRCCF. For more information about the Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund, please contact (815)252-2906.

Ottawa/Naplate Tornado Relief Fund

The 2017 Ottawa/Naplate Tornado Relief Fund was established to assist individuals, families and businesses impacted by the February 28, 2017 tornado and related storms.

Princeton Main Street Revitalization Fund

Invest in Princeton’s future while protecting its past by contributing to the renewed vision for Main Street, a multi-year plan to improve the streetscape, public squares and historic buildings.

Robert M. Eschbach Legacy Fund

In recognition of the vision, dedication and accomplishments of Robert M. Eschbach, the former Mayor of Ottawa, this endowment fund was established to continue the aesthetic, cultural and economic development of Ottawa.

SRCCF Community Grants Fund

Starved Rock Country Community Foundation established the Community Grant Fund to support nonprofit organizations serving LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam counties. The SRCCF supports non-profit organizations who serve Starved Rock Country, defined as LaSalle, Bureau & Putnam counties, in many ways- including our Grants Program.

SRCCF Covid-19 Response Fund

The Starved Rock Country Covid-19 Response Fund was established to help the Foundation respond to COVID-19 and provide support to local non-profit agencies providing basic human needs services. Donated funds will be restricted to serve those in need as a result of the Coronavirus, and 100% of the contributions will be available to help. No administrative fees will assessed against the Fund.

SRCCF Disaster Resource Fund

The SRCCF Disaster Resource Fund was established to provide financial support to area non-profit agencies who support residents in need of emergency food and basic supplies; interim housing and shelter; primary health care services; utility and financial assistance; supports for children and other vulnerable populations, nonprofit safety and operations assistance.

Seneca Covid-19 Fund

The Seneca Covid-19 Fund was established to financially assist residents of Seneca, Illinois who are experiencing dire financial emergencies during the pandemic.

Seneca Historical Guild Fund

Established in 2009, the Seneca Historical Guild was created to prepare for the commemoration of Seneca’s Sesquicentennial and has since helped publish a Seneca history book and the Seneca Area Heritage Museum.

Streator Strong

Streator Strong is a charitable fund to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Streator for years to come.

Strong Towns

Strong Towns is a movement established to support a model of development that allows America's cities, towns and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient.

Susan Thornton Donor Advised Fund

Susan Thornton, a well respected and well-known philanthropist throughout Central Illinois and beyond, established her fund in partnership with the SRCCF to make grants to local charities and arts-centric organizations in the region.

Women Inspired Network (WIN)

As a component of SRCCF, Women Inspired Network is a charitable giving circle of local philanthropic women who make annual contributions to empower and enhance the quality of life throughout our community.