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Arts of Starved Rock Country .

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There are many things that come to mind when we think of a great community. Among them most certainly is the enjoyment of art, music, film and dance. The Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund provides financial support to charitable organizations and agencies engaged in the world of art throughout the Starved Rock Country region and provides a non-competing, neutral hub that allows local artists to connect and engage with the arts and cultural organizations in Lasalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties.


We are a welcome partner for all engaged in the arts and offer a consolidated online resource and database for every artist to connect and showcase their work. ARTS ALIVE is an inclusive, supportive and empowering home for the local arts community, so we encourage you to join us at an upcoming event or check out our new website.

"The arts are an essential part of education and the human experience. "

Pamela Beckett, Founder

.Make a Donation.

Initially made possible by a generous gift from the former Illinois Valley Fine Arts Trust and the Omni Arts Trust, the Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund is gaining recognition at the state and federal level. Through the generosity of our donors, grants are made to local arts organizations through a competitive process twice each year. Funds to support those grants and other activities rely on contributions from generous donors throughout the region.


Committed to you and your future.

Community foundations exist to meet the philanthropic needs of the community and the philanthropic desires of local donors. When we connect those two, wonderful things happen to enhance the quality of life for all of us.​

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